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The Real Political Paradigm

The Real Political Paradigm

“Libertarians make no exceptions to the golden rule and provide no moral loophole, no double standard, for government. That is, libertarians believe that murder is murder and does not become sanctified by reasons of state if committed by the government. We believe that theft is theft and does not become legitimated because organized robbers call their theft "taxation." We believe that enslavement is enslavement even if the institution committing that act calls it "conscription." In short, the key to libertarian theory is that it makes no exceptions in its universal ethic for government.”

― Murray N. Rothbard

The general theory of “Right” and “Left” that is widely accepted in political discussing today is hoax; The paradigm is as ever changing as any internet fad. It’ a useless label used merely as a tribal indicator or slur depending on who you’re talking to. Take for instance something as seemingly black and white as the initiation and continuation of foreign wars. iI the last 15 years alone you’ve seen the left and right either switch places or join sides on the issue in general several times. Going from anti-war, to passivity, to aggression, and everywhere in between for any reason; whether it’s spending, justice, charity, or imperialism.

For all of that (being a tiny fraction of the so-called “dividing issues”), who can we say is right or left based solely off of their policy standpoint? If I were to tell you, without initially giving any name, some of Barack Obama’s policy decisions, one might guess that he’s a right winger, on the same note, if I were to tell many “Right wingers” of the early 20th century about John McCain’s policies they would spit on him as being a raving leftist.

So again, the entire paradigm of right verses left, I believe, whether by design or spontaneous development, has blinded the world at large to the two fundamentally different schools of political thought: Voluntarism vs. Authoritarianism.

To act on free will and self interested decision, or to be coerced via direct or threatened force. Such is the basic conflict of slavery or murder, two of the most supposedly evil things in existence; To take someone’s ability to chose or live. yet, Both the supposed right and left claim to champion the cause of freedom and/or life. I ask though, how is that possible? How can they change places so often and claim to function via principle?

The answer is both do not. In fact, both are facades for authoritarianism, caked in nice words and honest lies to draw individuals into their cult. Both can only live while the other thrives, for both need a Boogie Man, a devil with which they can frighten half the population into giving up their power and resources relatively peacefully; two sides of the same crushing coin.

On the other end of the true spectrum, the one they have fought tooth and nail to hide, is the libertarian, the free man, the voluntaryist; the fundamental building block of all civilization, the individual.

The Spectrum need not have this ever-changing labyrinth of vague and nebulous policy prescriptions, but one basic observation: is it done voluntarily or through force? Both the left and right have ideas scattered around the true model of political theory, but neither can be decidedly chosen as the philosophy of freedom at any given point because they are not concrete. It’s almost as if saying that the earth is covered in light because it is day, surely day will not stay the same or last forever. But, a scale of authority vs. autonomy is plain, it’s has no value, only description for something.

The true argument comes in deciding whether some aspects of life ought to be forced on the weaker or whether they be allowed to chose themselves and suffer whatever natural consequences accompany said decision.

“War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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